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Friday, April 22, 2005

On Science, Supersymmetry, and the Holy Trinity

When contemplating the nature of God, I believe it is most instructive not to study scripture, which, to me, is the doorway to his will(and the subject of other contemplations), but rather the physical world, which I see as the doorway to his being. For although the world is not God, God is most certainly the world; the world itself is the umbra of God's essence.

The beginning of this study is the acknowlegement that the world must be what it is, there is no other world that God would have created. This is not to fall into the heresy of determinism, for God is not limited to the creation of this world in any sense other than that his Perfect Justice emanates a world that is perfectly suited for his purposes. This does not straightjacket God, but is rather a free choice (if that earthly term can have any meaning other than as an analogue) of the Divine Being to fulfill his perfection in physical form. As I tell my daughter, anything that you see here that doesn't make sense means that you need to look harder, for it all must be perfectly beautiful to God, completely with God, for divine Justice to blossom.
Because creation contains within it a complete Truth about the nature of God (a complete truth, not the complete truth, again in the sense of the shadow containing a complete truth about that which casts it), scientific study serves not merely to advance the physical comforts of man through understanding and technology, but those inquiries must necessarily reveal some deeper reality of the complexity of God's nature.

It is with this in mind that I approach the mystery of the Trinity. One God, three divine persons, wholly one, and yet each individual. God wishes us to contemplate Him, and see fully the Holy Trinity in that limited way which is possible through human understanding. Science offers avatars.

Symmetry exists throughout nature. Humans are symmetrical left to right, starfish radially. Myriad symmetries exist within the physical world, which are everpresent to the eye. The contemplation of string theory, however, uses the concept of supersymmetries, symmetries which cannot be experienced directly, but must be arrived at mathematically in order to be seen. They exist in dimensions above the three to which our mortal eyes are privy. Here is a relatively elementary discussion of supersymmetry (which means it is unbelievably complex). The basic concept, however, is that the substances of which we are created only seem to be distinct particles because of our limited way of looking at them. Through mathematics, they can be examined from a point of view unavailable in the physical world, and seen to be different views of the same object.
For example, look at the pictures below:

They are three different shapes. A triangle, a rounded rectangle, and the infinity sign. But look again, below, when I show you the object, and not its shadows:

All three are separate shadows, distinct in their true shape, their true essence, individual in every way. And yet seeing not the shadow, but the object, we discover that they are one. This does not diminish the truth of the shadows, for in this example, the shadows are the physical reality of the three persons of the Trinity*, whereas the object is the fullness of God's Perfect Being.

Another analogue would be the physical forces. We know electricity powers our computer, and magnetic forces store data on our hard drives, but these separate entities are really just emergent properties from the cooling of a higher order unified force, electromagnetic. When sufficiently excited, electricity and magnetism recombine from the states which they have crystallized into. Even when cool, they interact and relate, though they are separate and distinct. In the current state of physics, forces can be sufficiently excited to incorporate two other forces, the weak and strong nuclear forces, creating a four-part unification (I wonder if the Trinity is the limit of God's persons, or if more than three persons exist beyond that which has been revealed... hmmm.)

Well, anyway, such is the boundary of where my current thinking on this subject has reached. Off to the contemplation cave!


*This is where a theologian would help. I have not been able to determine if the three persons of the Trinity must necessarily exist as what we would call separate beings within the context of the fullness of God's completeness. In other words, when in heaven, when the full beatific vision is revealed, does the concept of the Trinity dissolve, in some way, because the higher, supersymmetric truth can be conceived and the shadows of the three persons are seen, but seen within the context of the whole, or does the individuality of the persons of the Trinity remain. The two options are certainly not exhaustive, and the distinction is exceeding slight, but it certainly offers many years of contemplative excitement!
You should write more on this blog. Its good stuff.

I think I'd have to read through more of your posts to figure out where you stand, but it sounds like you and I might be in similar boats philosophically.

I told a born again friend of mine recently that I did not believe in God, but I believed in the idea of God, and I wonder if that is part of the process. Of course, I just read yesterday (in Barzun's From Dawn to Decadence) that "belief" has been consistently scorned by the faithful through the ages. Oh well.

Finally, on this subject, I have also realized that to me, the word "depression" (something that luckily I have not had to experience much of in my life) means wanting to pray but having no one to pray to. Secular Humanist athiest types are flesh and blood just like me, and must face the same problems, yet are painted into a corner with their firm views on mystery and religion. Now that must be depressing.

Thanks for your visits and comments at my blog.
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