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Friday, February 25, 2005

A Eulogy

So you ask your wife and son to go into the other room so you can blow your fucking head apart and you leave them alone with an empty body and they have to try and find a way to praise you and validate you and make everything you've ever done seem somehow worthwhile even though you've taken a giant eraser and wiped it all away and they're holding all these filthy pink crumbs that are everywhere around the kitchen and drooling out of the back of your skull and it won't go back together and all your self-abuse and bullshit suddenly don't seem like a great postmodern joke anymore but have become somehow someway really real and the pain isn't hip or cool or anything but painful and you don't seem funny anymore and your worldview doesn't seem funny anymore and nothing seems funny anymore.
Not that kind of funny.
Not ever again.

The paper in the typewriter may have been blank. But what no one noticed was that he had written in blood the eulogy for Jacques Derrida.

Touching the eternal

Can there be anymore convincing proof of the existence of god than this?

Friday, February 04, 2005

A Yabba-Dabba Honeymoon

Well, the chimp has done it again, which begs the question-- of what lower phylum are Democrats?

W's political prescience seems almost otherworldly, and it does beg the question, 'Can he really be as spot-on as he seems?' I am almost tempted to subscribe to the tin-foil hat of the month club and ascribe to Rove the powers of Nostradamus or Delphi.

The Democrats have positioned themselves for a fight on Social Security reform, and clearly, in the ramp up to the SOTU address, were waiting with long knives to jump on whatever sweeping proposal Bushitler tried to foist on the country. But like Manolote, W has swept away his cape and the Democrats have found air where they expected flesh.

What to do if they will attack in detail any proposal you suggest? Suggest almost nothing. Define the problem, set boundaries, and then task congress with doing its job. It leaves the opposition with nothing to attack but the idea itself. An already idealess party can only say 'there is no problem' because Bush has not given them anything to skewer.

The brilliance is that even if there is no problem (which I am not suggesting!), the very fact that the Republicans will move forward with debate and proposals will create the impression that a problem exists. The democrats can only keep up their denial for so long. They will have to change tack, and the only possible course correction is to submit a plan of their own. Which can not hope to pass. Which will inspire competing plans among Dems. Which gives cover to the red state Dems to side with the majority.

How does he do it?

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